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Motion Design

Bachelor of Media Design

Auckland, NZ Adelaide, AU
  • Length:
    Three Academic Years
  • Qualification:
    Degree, NZQF Level 7, (360 Credits), 1.2 EFTS per year
  • Cost:
    Domestic - $ 11,202.15 NZD
    International - $28,600.00 NZD
  • Intake Date(s):
    February 17th, 2020 View Intake Calendar
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Course Overview

Making text, illustrations, and images move in music videos, television commercials and films is the specialty of the Motion Graphics Designer. Specialise in Motion Design and we'll teach you key technical skills such as 2D and 3D animation, visual effects, composition, image manipulation and text choreography, so that you have the experience and evidence of working to a variety of client briefs

Careers & Industry

Design comes to life as you develop motion graphics for commercials, title sequences, music videos and television. The course includes 2D and 3D animation, visual effects, composition, image manipulation and text choreography. Graduates enter the industry with a portfolio that showcases their ability to answer client briefs, collaborate across multiple disciplines and experience working in production.

Motion Designers can go on to work in:

  • Television;
  • Advertising;
  • Production houses;
  • Corporate event companies;
  • or as a freelancer

Student Work

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Course Outline

Year 1

An introduction to theory, professional practice and broad principles that allow you to respond effectively to briefs. You are also immersed in the studio to develop practical and ideation skills. Majors are introduced through theory and studio components.

Qualification Code Course Code Bachelor of Media Design Level Credits
PC3994 BMD1R1 Design Theory 5 10
PC3994 BMD1R2 Design Studio 5 20
PC3994 BMD1R3 Contextual Studies 1 5 10
PC3994 BMD1R4 Photographic Studies 5 10
PC3994 BMD1R5 Digital Image Foundation 5 10
PC3994 BMD1R6 Interdisciplinary Design Foundation 5 30
PC3994 BMD1MD1 Motion Design Theory 1 5 10
PC3994 BMD1MD2 Motion Design Studio 1 5 20

Year 2

Build on knowledge gained in the first year with an emphasis on the production of innovative video and motion graphic campaigns for TV commercials, music videos and logo animation. Acquiring the essential skills in communication, pitching, and collaboration are a critical part of the year. Students are also armed with strategies and methods to develop their own line of inquiry.

Qualification Code Course Code Bachelor of Media Design Level Credits
PC3994 BMD2R1 Creative Media Strategies 6 15
PC3994 BMD2R2 Professional and Academic Practice 1 6 15
PC3994 BMD2R3 Contextual Studies 2 6 10
PC3994 BMD2R4 Special Topic Project 6 20
PC3994 BMD2MD1 Motion Design Theory 2 6 20
PC3994 BMD2MD2 Motion Design Studio 2 6 40

Year 3

The final year covers essential business methods, research methods and project management before an interdisciplinary group project challenges you to synthesise your knowledge and skills as part of a creative team. You will also embark on a half-year, practice-based investigation of motion graphics.

Qualification Code Course Code Bachelor of Media Design Level Credits
PC3994 BMD3R1 Professional and Academic Practice 2 7 15
PC3994 BMD3MD1 Motion Design Portfolio 7 15
PC3994 BMD3R2 Interdisciplinary Group Project 7 30
PC3994 BMD3MD2 Motion Design Capstone Project:  Practice-based Inquiry 7 60

Entry Requirements

General Admission

To qualify for General Admission, you'll need a minimum qualification of NCEA University Entrance or equivalent, such as CIE or IB University Entrance, or, level 4 or higher Qualification from a related discipline.

NCEA University Entrance

NCEA Level 3: Three subjects at Level 3, made up of 14 credits each.


10 credits at Level 2 or above, made up of:

  • 5 credits in reading
  • 5 credits in writing


10 credits at Level 1 or above, made up of:

  • achievement standards (specified achievement standards available through a range of subjects), or,
  • unit standards, package of three numeracy unit standards (26623, 26626, 26627. All three required)

If you are enrolled at a New Zealand secondary school and have not yet completed your NCEA (CIE or equivalent) qualification you can still apply now for admission. When your NCEA results are available in January, we will check them and contact you.

IB and CIE University Entrance

More information on alternative eligible qualifications such as IB or CIE, click here.

International Students

If you are an international student, you'll need to prove you have sufficient English language skills in order to complete this course. We'll be looking for Academic IELTS 6.0 (minimum), or equivalent qualification if English is not your first language.

Special Entry, Discretionary Entry and Cross Credits

If you don't have university entry, you may still be able to apply for this course. More information about Special Entry, Discretionary Entry and Cross Credits here.


When you apply, you'll need to provide us with a digital copy of your portfolio.

Your portfolio is a selection of work that shows your skills and talents. It introduces you and your ideas, and shows us you have the creativity and imagination to be a student at Media Design School. There are no strict rules about what you should include in your portfolio. As a guide, it should include a range of 12 - 20 pieces of your best works that represent who you are as a creative person. We recommend including a range of media and styles. It is not imperative you include digitally rendered artworks. Here are some of the examples you could include:

  • Pencil drawings and illustrations
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Graphic or Digital design
  • 3D models or visualisations
  • Concept art and characters
  • Video or moving images

For full description of portfolio requirements, see More Information about Portfolio Requirements.


Study at the Media Design School in Auckland, and you can assure your family that you'll be staying in one of the safest and most live-able cities in the world. Auckland is such a diverse city that, no matter where you're from, you'll find food and experiences here that remind you of home.

This wonderful city has nature on its doorstep and, in the same amount of time it takes to fetch a latte, you could travel to spectacular countryside or beaches, all within a stone's throw from the Central Business District.

If you're thinking about making New Zealand your home while you study for your world recognised qualification, you can find more information about making the transition to our beautiful country here.

Study in Adelaide

Media Design School has partnered with Torrens University Australia to offer a selection of our award winning programmes in Australia. Torrens University Australia, the first comprehensive Australian university to be opened in more than 20 years, will be offering Media Design School's courses in two exciting locations: Sydney, New South Wales and Adelaide, South Australia. These degrees will be of particular interest to students who want to obtain their qualification in a shorter period of time, as Torrens University Australia offers students the opportunity to complete their degrees at an accelerated pace in two years, not three.

For more information on studying a Bachelor of Media Design at Torrens University Australia in Adelaide, visit the Torrens University Website.

Study in San Diego

Media Design School has partnered with fellow Laureate Design University, NewSchool of Architecture and Design in San Diego, USA, to offer our award-winning Media Design course in a city renowned for embracing digital and creative technologies. Located in the same city as the iconic San Diego Comic-Con International, the Bachelor of Science in Media Design will give students the creative and technical skills needed to enter the gaming industry. For more information about studying Media Design in San Diego, visit the NewSchool Website.

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