Upcoming ceremony:

Friday, April 14 2023

ASB Waterfront Theatre



Get ready for the best and last day at MDS


We at Media Design School are proud of all of your achievements and to see you at the conclusion of your latest academic journey.

This is a time to celebrate you! A time for you to walk across the stage with your peers and lecturers, and show everyone how far you've come. A time for you to leap towards your future and dreams.

Graduation is a highlight, and a satisfying way to mark your achievements. Media Design School has one ceremony a year, you don't want to miss out!

Graduation 2022

Everything you need to know in preparation for the ceremony:

Registration: Those eligible to graduate will receive an official invitation to their personal and MDS email account with a link to register on [UPDATE] Monday, March 6th. If you believe you are eligible and did not receive a link after said date, please contact studentadmin@mediadesignschool.com. Registrations will close Friday, March 24th.

Gowning: A link to order academic regalia will be provided upon registration, which you will be expected to bring to wear to the ceremony. It will be your responsibility to return it.

Photography: A link to book a session with the photographer will be sent out upon initial registration.

Event guide & tickets: You will receive your pre-event guide and tickets on Friday, April 7th via email.