Paying for Fees

By signing your offer of place, you commit to enrolling at Media Design School and paying your fees. You will be liable for fees unless you formally withdraw from the course.

Fees may be paid by cash, EFTPOS, cheque or credit card (Visa or Mastercard only), or StudyLink loan (domestic students only).

Fees are inclusive of Compulsory Course Costs and GST (the NZ Goods and Services Tax - 15% subject to change).

Fees are subject to change without notice. Indicative fees for the first year of study are listed on the website, however the final fee will be presented in an invoice when you receive your offer.

By accepting an offer of place for a programme at Media Design School, you accept full responsibility for paying your fees by the due date. You are liable for the full payment of fees eight calendar days after course commencement, or after 10 working days for international students. You will be liable for full fees whether or not you complete your qualification.

Students suspended, expelled or de-registered from their studies as a result of not abiding by the School's Behaviour and Performance Code (including not meeting financial obligations), or for other reasons, are still liable for payment of their full fees.

Withdrawal and refund policies are available here.

Student Load information for Domestic Students

About StudyLink and Student Loans

Domestic students are generally able to access a student loan through StudyLink to pay the fees for their qualification. If you intend to apply for a StudyLink student loan, you'll need to do so immediately upon receiving your acceptance letter from Media Design School, or at least two weeks prior to the qualification commencing. Here's how you do it: when you received your acceptance letter (you will be notified by email and by mail) contact StudyLink immediately and supply them with your details and your student ID number (included in the Offer pack).

About StudyLink Course Related Costs

You will need supplies and equipment associated with your course, such as a Wacom Tablet, visual diaries, and hard drives. StudyLink provides loans up to $1,000 for course related costs; ensure you apply for what you need when you apply for your student loan to cover your course fees.

Fees Free Study

If you're thinking of starting your academic journey with Media Design School in 2021, you may be eligible for fees free post-school training and education. 

This means that if you finished school in 2020, or if you will finish school during 2021, you may qualify for a year of fees-free tertiary education.

If you're not a recent school leaver, you may also qualify for fees-free education, provided that you haven’t undertaken any tertiary education or training in the past.