Te Iwihoko Te Rangihirawea

Bachelor of Media Design

Bachelor of Media Design graduate, Te Iwihoko, is a graphic designer at EcoPortal - a developer of enterprise risk management software. He is also the artist who created the tiki seen on the pillars, or 'pou', by the Media Design School reception desk.


During my time at Media Design School, I really enjoyed the broad range of projects and briefs. Some briefs emulated a group scenario, preparing us for a studio environment, while independent briefs allowed me to grow as an individual. I mostly enjoyed open projects, which explore personal interests and identity. This is where I truly found my voice as a designer.

Getting a taste of different projects helped form my career path. On one hand, I enjoy working with corporate clients, hard deadlines and specific requirements. On the other, I enjoy a more open and self-expressive brief. This usually means I get to work with clients who have a similar taste in design, allowing me to embrace and develop my own style. As a freelancer, it’s the contrast between the two that I enjoy. All clients are different and come with their own unique problem, which often means tailoring a specific and personal solution. Working across a broad range of projects and assignment at MDS has prepared me well for this type of work.

I have been freelancing full time for almost two years, and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The freedom to dictate when and where I work, whom I work with and managing my own clients is both challenging and rewarding. As a freelancer, or dare I say, a businessman, finding time to up-skill, managing clients and time to relax with friends and family is the hardest challenge I have to date.

Recently I have had the pleasure of working with a number of different clients. I helped the US Embassy develop a brand for a youth program, I developed a cover for a resource booklet for the Ministry of Education and I have recently helped a small tech company rebrand their business.

At Media Design School, I highly recommend you find your voice! Don’t be generic, figure out who you are and develop that in to a personal brand and design style. This approach has become a vital part to my success.

Aronui – Te Ara Hou