It’s a new era. Choose a new way to study.

At Media Design School, we believe the best way of learning is doing. We extend that beyond just course content, by creating a working environment that replicates industry. In 2020 our ‘real-world’ changed, transforming our lounges and bedrooms into classrooms and offices. We teach adaptability, and we lead by example, so we looked for ways to maximize our students’ opportunity for success in such an evolving industry and disrupted world. We’ve conquered virtual space, so we can bring our classes to you, wherever you may be. No matter where you are in Aotearoa, you can study with us, even if you can’t make it to Auckland. 

Online education is every bit as valuable and applicable as on-campus, and equips you with the skills to deal with the ever-increasing volume of online situations we find ourselves in the working world. It provides a rich, varied, and interactive student experience, harnessed through technology and our unique course resources.

We are well-versed in course delivery, execution, and interacting with students in live class sessions. Learn from specialist lecturers who are leaders in their field, and gain your qualification through our unique online course delivery that feels just like your own virtual classroom.

Choose to study any of our following programmes with our new and improved online delivery:

Why Study Online?


Study and upskill from home

Learn new and applicable skills from the comfort of your own home. No need to worry about parking, missing the bus, or even changing out of your pyjamas, while still receiving top quality education. Upskill by learning how to communicate effectively in virtual space, how to use a wide range of online programmes and improve your work-life balance at the same time!

Coming to you - live!

We deliver our programmes synchronously, meaning our classes are streamed live to you in real time. You see the classes exactly as they should be in all their uncensored glory. Ask questions and get personal assistance from Academics, Tutors and Learning Facilitators, as if you were physically sitting in the class.

Same great student outcomes

There’s no disadvantage in choosing to study online. You can expect to gain the same skills as your classmates on campus. Whether it’s crafting an exciting brand launch, developing an amazing game, creating beautiful animated worlds or working on a real, live brief, you’ll be contributing and collaborating with your peers. Work hard and you’ll count yourself amongst your classmates as one of our esteemed alumni.