Michael Tunnicliffe graduated from MDS and now works at Buildmedia

Bachelor of Art & Design (3D Animation and VFX)

Michael Tunnicliffe studied the Bachelor of Art & Design (3D Animation and VFX) where he gained the 3D motion graphics skills to step into the ranks of Buildmedia where he creates 3D motion graphics and interactive experiences for architecture and infrastructure.


I feel MDS is excellent for preparing students for industry by giving a real hands on approach to the trade. I've always been fascinated with computer graphics, however, I felt I learned the most in my theoretical papers, art history, business & team exercises where project management and navigating personalities was required. It helped that the teachers at MDS are inspiring and the environment is supportive, which led to the realisation that I was specialised and my knowledge was valuable.

I supplemented my studies with a part-time diploma of business and project management while I worked. Having the background and knowledge of 3D motion graphics gave me the edge over the other professionals with only business skills.

This led me to where I work now, at BuildMedia, where I grow new and existing products into global markets. I help nurture and develop opportunities for business growth through strategy, product development, relationships and leadership. I keep my finger on the pulse of market gaps and trends and feed this information into the product team. I focus heavily on client experience from a communications and systems standpoint - especially regarding onboarding new clients. I keep a holistic, human-centred approach to the sustainable growth of Buildmedia.

Fisher and Paykel Digital Experience

This Digital Experience created by Michael and his team at BuildMedia won awards at the Best Awards

No such thing exists as a typical day - I've chatted with game developers in Japan about creating a Digital Twin of a city, met with Unreal Engine to discuss the future of "proptech", flown to Australia to celebrate the success of another Realspace project, developed business plans, worked with clients to solve problems and develop solutions, created bids and proposals, given high-level guidance on digital experiences in physical space and online; the list goes on and on.

I hope to one day unlock the potential of gaming technology for business needs and to improve digital experiences.

Be confident, know your strengths and weaknesses - invest and believe yourself! Reach out to professionals in positions you want to be in, be bold, and listen.