NZ Game Studio revenues grow 43% to a record $143M

The New Zealand Gaming Industry continues to expand at an exponential rate, with a recent survey showing a 43% growth since last year.

According to an independent survey of New Zealand Game Developers Association studios, New Zealand’s game developers earned a record $143.0M in the financial year ending 31 March 2018, an increase of 43% on the previous year when the industry first hit the $100 million mark.  93% of that revenue came from exports of digital creative entertainment software.

Employment in the sector also grew 10% to 550 full-time roles, with an additional 130 new jobs forecast to appear in 2018.  At this stage, key barriers to growth include the challenge of attracting early stage investment, and a shortage of highly-skilled graduates, with the highest demand being for Game Programmers and Artists.  

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