Bachelor of Art & Design

Having marvelled at the VFX in 'King Kong' (2005) as a child, Jineui Park is now working as a Shots Assistant Technical Director at Weta Digital.


Take us through a typical day for you at Weta…

"If I had to describe a typical day at Weta, it would usually start by checking the assigned tasks to see if there is anything new, and double check everything is going according to the schedule. My day is not just about completing the tasks though. I am constantly learning and finding resources that could potentially help me to be more productive and useful to the company. These days, I'm teaching myself programming with Python. Python is a high-level programming language that can be really useful in a huge VFX company like Weta."

What’s one film you would have loved to work on, and why?

"I would have to say King Kong (2005). I have probably watched it at least 30 times already. I believe I was only 10 or 11 when it came out, and I still remember the feelings when I first saw it. It was mind blowing to see the fantastical environment and the creatures that were so realistically portrayed. It left such a strong impression on me, that it led me to the dream of one day being a VFX artist."

What are some of the most important lessons you learned during your time at Media Design School?

"The most valuable would be how to cope and manage your work under pressure. I thought I was pretty good dealing with stress before MDS, however MDS definitely pushed me to limits that I had never experienced before. I have to admit, it was hard at the time, however these experiences really toughen you up and plus, you will deal with a lot of pressures out in the real field, so you might as well enjoy the practice rounds."

How has Media Design School helped to pave the path that you are currently walking on?

"Their industry level course and amazing tutors filled us all with a fine balance of both technical and artistic knowledge. The tutors at MDS are incredibly motivational and really inspiring. I personally want to thank Kris Slagter and Rafael Bonatto for helping me build up the aspiration towards the art of VFX."

What tips would you give others looking to get into your field?

"Constantly practice and learn. It's an important quality to know how to teach yourself. Try to keep up to date with the latest VFX technology and explore as many softwares as you can. You may not find it useful in school, but you will come to realise that all the softwares interlink, building a knowledge base that will be really useful out there in the industry."