We are thrilled for our MDS program leaders, tutors and even alumni to be part of techweek TV, where they will share their expertise on topics ranging from gaming careers and digital transformation to launching your own business.

Techweek23 is a week-long event in May that showcases Aotearoa New Zealand's innovative tech entrepreneurs and features Tomorrow Expo, Tech23, Hackathons, Keynotes, Exclusive Speakers, and more, providing an opportunity to inspire, inform, and educate attendees.

Techweek TV is a series of live, online video sessions broadcast on the Techweek website.

This year, the techweek TV sessions have been segmented into the Techweek23 themes:

  • Becoming More Digital
  • Celebrating Tech Leaders and Tech Stories
  • Climate and Sustainable Tech
  • Diversity of Thought
  • Advancing Māori Tech
  • Inspiring Tech Careers

Be sure to mark your calendar for Techweek and create a personalized schedule of the events and sessions that pique your interest; all sessions can be easily accessed from the comfort of your home office, desk, or any location with an internet-connected device via the Techweek TV page - simply click "play" at the start of the session.

May 15th @ 2:10pm, Dr. Matthew Stevens:

Becoming More Digital, Becoming More Human

May 16th @ 1:40pm, Ivan Khmel:

Career in Games

May 17th @ 9:10am, Ani Tawhiao-Lomas:

Journey of Building a Family & Building a Business

May 18th @ 12:30pm, Sofia Piven:

Games of mass effect: an industry diverse in opportunity

May 18th @ 3:40pm, Tammie Leong & Jim Murray:

Design in the Age of AI



Live broadcast on Techweek23 website

Media Design School lecturers will be involved in Techweek TV