Gaming is typically seen as the domain of the "anti-social", the "tech nerd", or the "solitary individual" who plays PUBG or Fortnite into the wee hours of the morning. But the opportunities and realities for gamers and the gaming industry are much wider than these stereotypes. In fact, gaming concepts, tools and applications feature in virtually every industry. 

In this Creative Tech Talk, we will showcase and share the stories of diverse guests have pursued gaming careers in very different ways. They will also share insights into the upcoming trends they foresee in this dynamic industry.  

The event is suited to career advisors and teachers who wish to build their knowledge and insights of the gaming industry, parents and guardians who want to better understand the pathways that exist for their rangatahi, and to all who have a strong interest in computing and gaming and are curious about how you can have an incredible career in the gaming world.  All are welcome! 

Guests include Niamh Fitzgerald – COO / Development Director / Designer from Dinosaur Polo Club, and Mark Southcombe – C++ Developer from inMusic Inc. and more!


5:00PM - 6:00PM Wednesday 3 November 




Gamer playing League of Legends