Our Digital Creativity Foundation students are excited to showcase what they've been working on so far..

Friday, July 5th l 5-7pm

The name 4202 was inspired by the idea of symbolism. It is the year ‘2024’ in reverse, which relates to our exhibition theme Cyberpunk. Our DCF student committee played a significant role in selecting the name and theme to ensure they have a connection to the event and exhibition. This allows our students to showcase their work and be part of the event planning.

Join us for an extraordinary event celebrating the success of our students in the Digital Creativity Foundation programme. With the theme Cyberpunk, this exhibition showcases our students' work as the future of the design industry. These talented individuals are creating new opportunities in their chosen field. Come celebrate their achievements and see the exceptional projects they have developed during their time in the programme. All are welcome to witness our students' amazing work!



Media Design School
Level 1
10 Madden St.
Auckland Central

4202 Digital Creativity Foundation Programme Exhibition on July 5th 2024 at Media Design School