Introducing: Smart Skills Digital Badges - the future of credentials

To stay relevant in today’s workplace, and with the exponential growth of technology, employees need to actively find new ways to upskill. 

There has long been a focus on technical and academic abilities across all industries, but in today’s fast changing and increasingly digital environment, employers employers are using transferable skills as a measure of success. 

The most desirable qualities employers are looking for in their employees are leadership skills, interpersonal skills, the ability to drive impact, digital marketing, innovation and creative thinking. 

Developed by Torrens University in Australia in consultation with industry, Media Design School’s Smart Skills Digital Badges have been endorsed by leading Australasian organisations, including Kathmandu, Ovolo Hotels, Canva and BLab, and are designed to provide the support and expertise professionals need to thrive in the current and future workplace. 

Explore our digital badges below to find out how they will assist you in building up your value as a sought-after employee with a well-rounded skill-set. 

All you need to know about Digital Badges

Check out this video for a quick introduction to the basics of Digital Badges, how they work, and how you can benefit from them!

What is a Digital Badge?  

To keep it simple: A digital badge is virtual acknowledgement of a demonstrated skill or professional achievement acquired online. It is used to verify and communicate your professional development activities. 

Digital Badges become a personalised gallery of your learning, verifiable through unique digital fingerprints and are portable, shareable, and verifiable. They are unique to the person who earned them and can be shared for example, via social media or in your email signature. This allows employers, clients, organisations and education institutions to easily identify your transferable skills