Graduate Diploma of Creative Technologies

Before he decided to enrol in a Graduate Diploma of Creative Technologies at Media Design School's Auckland campus, Denan Wang worked in the Computer Graphics industry in China.


Denan was in the CG industry for seven years, where he eventually worked his way up to the role of Art Director at BeTop Multimedia in Beijing, China. During this time, he oversaw many high-quality international projects for Japan and a multitude of other countries.

Having worked on several projects where having a good understanding of the English language was a requirement, Denan decided that he would up-skill himself in both his professional practice and his English comprehension by undertaking Media Design School's Graduate Diploma of Creative Technologies in 3D Animation and Visual Effects in New Zealand, which he says he chose because of the "cool environment," the "good learning atmosphere" and the fact that the school wins "a lot of awards."

Currently, Denan is a Senior Animator at Grinding Gear Games, which he says he enjoys because of the work environment and flexible work times.

"The work here is more dependent on employee awareness and creativity [than it was in China]," says Denan. 

Denan's advice for any students from China wanting to undertake the Graduate Diploma of Creative Technologies is to make sure that you're acquired the relevant work experience before applying.

Based on his experience, he says "if you want to stay in New Zealand to find a job, then you'll need to be able to show your employers past examples of high quality projects. You'll need at least three years work experience." 

He also stresses that anyone considering working in New Zealand needs to be comfortable with self-directed learning and picking things up on the job, as there is an "emphasis on the cultivation of self-learning abilities."