Dr. Asli Tece Bayrak is the Programme Coordinator of the Bachelor of Software Engineering (Game Programming) at Media Design School

Dr. Asli Tece Bayrak

Programme Coordinator - Bachelor of Software Engineering

Tece is an aspiring games scholar who has extensive experience in teaching game development. Having a background in software development, Tece sees gameplay programming as art and claims that the triangle is the most sophisticated shape of all.

Tece fundamentally believes in the power of games for change and thinks there is so much to be achieved with and above entertainment. Although there are some rumours about her developing software for rockets prior to her teaching career, she in fact was a software engineer developing command and control systems for Navy ships, in the vein of Starfleet.

With this background in software development for the defence industry, and having planned several production pipelines for students, she has experience in various scales of software projects, development and management methods. She has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Auckland and a Master's in computer engineering. Her areas of interest include game studies, pervasive games, design methodologies, game development, real time systems and HCI.

Tece is an advocate for women in STEM and the founder of Girls in Games, an initiative devoted to encouraging high school students into the industry.

More about Tece and her research can be found here: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Asli-Bayrak