Bachelor of Art and Design

Aniket A Ujjainkar is a Creature Assistant Technical Director at Weta Digital. Here, he shares his experience of studying with Media Design School.


Before studying at Media Design School, I worked for number of studios in India, including as a Houdini Artist for Red Chillies. I soon realised that I needed to further enhance my skills to become not only a better visual effects artist, but a good team player. I started doing some research to find the best 3D Animation and Visual Effects schools overseas and enroled in Media Design School's Bachelor of Art and Design degree.

I still remember my first day at Media Design School. I was a little scared being so far away from my comfort zone and my family back in India. However, Media Design School had such a friendly atmosphere and over my three years of study, the lecturers and faculty gave me the freedom to nuture my creativity and to become a better artist and team player.

The most valuable thing I learned at Media Design School is the importance of being able to problem-solve. I still remember one of my tutors asking me not to be a software-dependent but to be a better problem solver, as currently the industry needs artists who are able to think on their feet and solve problems effectively. I soon realised that my tutors wanted me to get exposure to new experiences rather than just learning the software.

One thing really excited me about Media Design School was the quality of teaching and the vast experience of the tutors. The tutors at Media Design School are like your friends - you never feel stressed about studying as you get constant feedback on your work. They want you to keep trying until your coursework gets better and they motivate you to think outside of the box.

During my final year at Media Design School, I got the chance to work on the award-winning shot film , which gave me hands-on experience and exposure to New Zealand's working culture. The amount of new skills I learned while working on the short film was amazing and helped me gain my dream job as a reature Assistant Technical Director at Weta Digital in Wellington, New Zealand, working with the best artists and team players in the industry.