Bachelor of Art and Design

After spending a year studying 3D Animation at a different tertiary provider, Adam Beattie joined the Bachelor of Art and Design course at the start of the second year. Here, he tells us in his own words about his time at Media Design School and why Flux Animation is an awesome place to work.


Adam decided to pursue a career in 3D Animation…

"I decided what I wanted to do as a career path back in high school. I was (and still am) into video games and movies and I really enjoyed drawing. So I put the two together and found there was a whole industry in making digital art for both mediums.

On signing up for the Bachelor of Art and Design at Media Design School… When I initially enrolled at Media Design School, I didn't realise how hard it was going to be to create work I was proud of. Having already completed a Diploma in 3D Animation, I fully expected Media Design School to be a step up.

Joining the degree programme in year two was a challenge but the tutors and staff at Media Design School were always there for advice and support. Media Design School pushed us to achieve our very best work and encouraged us to constantly strive to be better."

On working for Flux Animation…

"Flux is a great workplace; we all get along pretty well and hang out during our lunch breaks.

At Flux Animation I have a variety of jobs, such as 3D modeling, dynamics, scene layout and some basic animation. I have been working on a feature film called April 25th about the Gallipoli landing.

I have also worked on a commercial and a logo intro for an American Football team. The most recently released project from Flux that I have worked on was for the Minnesota Vikings team, where I helped out working on the FX and dynamics and learned new Maya tools.

What I love the most about Flux is that the learning never stops. I am improving my skills while I work, and I get to work on a variety of tasks. I work with great people who are very encouraging and are great role models for the industry."

On what advice he'd give to prospective Media Design School students…

"When I was a student, I wish I had known how much more learning there would be on the job instead of trying to remember absolutely everything and be the absolute best at everything. At Flux I am learning and relearning new things throughout the different tasks that I get.

Also, find time during your course to work on your own projects or to learn something new. The more skills you can offer a studio, the more chance you will have to get a job."