Media Design School, Torrens University Australia and Think Education are proud to share this online panel discussion during International Pride Month - "Being Takatāpui is who we are: It is our cultural identity - it is our sense of belonging."

Takatāpui existed before the colonisation of Aotearoa New Zealand (pre 1750s) and means 'intimate companion of the same sex'. It exists through waiata (songs) and carvings, and exists in tatau (tattoo) and pese (song) in the Pacific Peoples cultures. Takatāpui embraces the Te Ao Māori worldview.

Join Lawton Hakaraia as he chats with Ramon Te Wake Taupuruariki Brightwell and Dylan Chan about their experiences of being Takatāpui.




Taupuruariki Whaktaka Brightwell standing in front of mural
Taupuruariki Whakataka Brightwell
Ramon-Te-Wake amongst palm fronds
Ramon Te Wake