Courses Introduction to Visual Design

Introduction to Visual Design

A Media Design School Short Course

  • Length:
    17 July - 6 September 2018 (8 Weeks) 2x3 hour evenings, 6pm - 9pm Tuesday | 6pm - 9pm Thursday
  • Qualification:
    Learn how to communicate using text, image, form and how to create meaningful visual connections.
  • Cost:
    Early Bird Registrations - $1520 inc GST
    Regular price - $1800 inc GST
  • Intake Date(s):
    July 17th, 2018 View Intake Calendar

Course Overview

This course is an introduction to the large and varied practice of visual design.

Throughout the duration of this course, you will be introduced to design thinking methods, processes, tools, and how they can be applied to practical situations through the development of a Visual Design Project as outlined below. You will learn how to communicate using text, image, form and how to create meaningful visual connections.

Among the things you will learn while on this course are: understanding and developing a creative brief, identifying target audiences, design process methodologies, elements and principles of design including composition, typography, and colour theory, how to communicate your design ideas, as well as working knowledge of industry-standard software (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign & Acrobat).

This course is suitable for aspiring designers, account managers, project managers, brand managers, marketers, marketing assistants, or anyone that wants to have a better understanding of the creative process.

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More information

​On completion of this course, you'll be able to:

  •  Apply the SWOT analysis process to an existing brand
  • Develop a creative brief to enable you to achieve a specific outcome
  • Implement design thinking methods, processes and tools to fulfil that creative brief
  • Apply the elements and principles of design including composition, typography, and colour
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of industry standard software to design visual artifacts
  • Effectively communicate design concepts and processes

About Christophe Jannin

Christophe has been involved in the arts for 25 years and lectured on the topic of the French National Heritage at Reims’s Cathedral (France) and several other major monuments classified as world heritage by UNESCO.

Originally from Paris, Christophe has a Masters degree specialising in Medieval Art History. He has also worked for Hewlett Packard France as a senior graphic designer, which included producing graphic design for asset management software. In 1999, he started a successful parallel career as an independent artist and illustrator, showing his work in France, the UK, Belgium, USA and NZ.

Why choose a MDS Short Course?

Enrol in a short course at Media Design School and you'll never just be a number. Our boutique class sizes mean that you'll be able to work closely with our internationally renowned faculty and guest facilitators and gain valuable hands-on experience over the course of one weekend.

Better yet, the Colmar Brunton 2014 Employer Claims Survey shows that New Zealand employers rate Media Design School as the top tertiary institute for supplying graduates with the technical skills necessary to be a valuable employee, meaning that the knowledge you acquire through undertaking any of Media Design School's short course offerings will be relevant to whatever digital design projects you choose to pursue in future.