Courses Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Bachelor of Software Engineering

  • Length:
    Three Academic Years
  • Qualification:
    Degree NZQA Level 7 (360 credits) 1 EFTS per year *PENDING APPROVAL FROM NZQA*

Course Overview


Study a Bachelor of Software Engineering in Artificial Intelligence and you'll become a highly sought-after developer with a deep understanding of algorithms and techniques used in solving problems of natural language processing, computer vision and more. You’ll explore different models for pattern recognition, use them in cloud environments, and master the fundamentals of machine learning, before embarking on a rewarding career in the future-facing field of creative tech.

Developed in partnership with IBM, this qualification is the first of its kind in New Zealand.

Careers & Industry

Software Engineers remain on NZ's long term skill shortage list and the ever-growing demand for graduates means salaries remain highly competitive.  We've worked closely with our industry panel to design a course that responds to industry needs, arming you with the most in-demand technical skills and the core soft skills needed to maximise your employability. 

Throughout your studies you'll master both a range of technical subject areas, such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, and Machine Learning & Robotics, as well as the in-demand soft skills of ideation, design thinking, project and time management and interpersonal communication.  Your first year will cover the foundational skills of software engineering and AI, including an introduction to computer graphics and practical mathematical skills.

A degree in Software Engineering could take you down the following career paths: 

•             Software Engineer

•             Software Developer

•             Machine Learning Engineer

•             AI Developer

•             Business Intelligence Developer

•             R&D Engineer

•             Data Scientist

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