Maria Jaque

Maria Jaque

Lecturer - Digital Creativity Department

My name is Maria, I am a Media Design School graduate of 2020, with a Bachelor of Media Design and major in Motion Design.

I’m originally from Chile but moved to New Zealand at the age of nine and ever since I was very young, I was drawn to art and creative topics. Since graduating I’ve been working in small studio environments with a focus on graphic design and also had the chance to take part in a short internship at Misterwolf Creative Services, where I got to work on interesting motion graphics projects such as animations for the Squiggla exhibition.

Although I majored in Motion Design, I have a variety of skills and disciplines, including graphic design, illustration and 2D animation. Overall, my interests and hobbies vary from art and design to music and sports. As a lecturer I would like to share my knowledge and experiences with the newer generation of designers in hope that they can find their passion in the area of design and use their work to contribute to society.