Orientation Day

Orientation Day will contain a little bit of everything.

Not in Auckland? Join our Virtual Orientation on July 11th (link coming soon). Otherwise, join us in-person for our On-campus Orientation.

Please RSVP for orientation before July 11th 2022 here!

You’ll get to tour our new campus, meet with your lecturers and faculty, meet your future friends and rivals who are beginning their Media Design School journeys too, and then top it all off, enjoy a morning tea with your peers. Oh, and make sure you’re looking photo-ready, so you’ll have an ID to be proud of.

Orientation is COMPULSORY. If you haven’t filed your paperwork, you can’t come to class; but you can sort out any of your missing documents on the day. If you’re an international student, this includes visas and insurance.

Under the Orange Light Covid-19 guidelines, we recommend that you wear a mask while indoors and aim to maintain a 2-metre distance where possible.

This is a great opportunity to connect with your peers and staff, and to answer any questions you may have before you begin your studies. We look forward to meeting you there!

Virtual Orientation

Virtual Orientation Info

Our Virtual Orientation will be held on 11th July 2022.

Even though this is a VIRTUAL session for online students, it will also be offered for face-to-face students who are not able to attend the Orientation on Campus.

Our Virtual Orientation will be run in two parts:

Part 1:

Students will be introduced to all the MDS available support, including Student Services, counselling, Student Administration, Library, IT, Blackboard and SE(student hub on Discord).

This first part has been designed to be interactive, with live Q&A sessions for each of the above departments so the students have the chance to make questions using the chat.

Part 2:

You will have the opportunity to meet your Program Directors and dive deeper into what to expect for the year in your chosen programme.

Both these sessions will take place on Blackboard. Link coming soon.

Virtual Orientation Timetable

(subject to change)


12:00pm -  MDS Video

12:30pm - Welcome presentation with Steve & Annemarie

12:45pm - 1:00pm - Student Services presentation with Bre + Q&A with Bre & Annemarie

1:00pm – 1:15pm - Counsellor presentation + Q&A with Anna

1:15pm – 1:30pm - Library Overview + Q&A

1:30pm – 1:45pm - Student Admin presentation + Q&A with Jo

1:45pm – 2:00pm - IT presentation + Q&A with Ken

2:00pm – 2:15pm - Blackboard presentation + Q&A with Woody

2:15pm – 2:30pm - Student Exec presentation + Q&A with Zainal & Dylan 

2:30pm – 2:45pm Break

2:45pm - Academic sessions with programme directors

On-campus Orientation

On-campus Orientation

On-campus Orientation Day will be on Monday 11th July 2022.


You only need to arrive for your relevant session, but you can stay for as long as you like. Meet us at our new campus at 10 Madden Street, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland in the courtyard of Tīramarama Way. Please make sure you arrive on time for the mihi whakatau and welcome speech. You can find more information about our new home here. Please take a moment to figure out your travel plans.

Your Orientation will begin with a mihi whakatau

A mihi whakatau is a formal Māori welcome ceremony conducted by the kaumātua (elders) of the tangata whenua (hosts). It is tikanga to be formally welcomed with a mihi whakatau​​​​​​​ before you enter the building, so you must be on time.

Each day will be broken into sessions. You only need to arrive for your relevant session, but you can stay for as long as you like.


How do I RSVP?

It’s easy! Just follow this link!

If you have any questions, please contact

Please RSVP before Monday 11th July.

Ensure you RSVP for Orientation to receive an access link

Course Materials

Course Materials

At MDS we want to ensure that you’re able to learn as flexibly and collaboratively as possible. In addition to the resources available on campus, like most top tertiary providers, we require our students to have access to their own hardware and software at home.


Before class starts, check what your device requirements are for your programme. For some, we suggest desktop set-ups at home, while others require the flexibility of a laptop. Make sure that whichever device you require meets your programme’s hardware and software recommendations.


This system will help you adapt to work effectively in a range of professional settings, and so that your learning environment aligns with what you’ll experience in industry. It also ensures minimal disruptions to your learning experience, especially if we need to work from home for an extended period of time.


View the Course Material Lists to learn more about your programme’s specific requirements. We have included our hardware recommendations, however, you may already have a suitable alternative. Please read carefully and reach out if you need further clarification.

We are proud to be an Adobe Creative Campus, which will provide you your own Adobe Creative Cloud Pro licence for the duration of your studies.  

 This licence is free to you and connected to your Media Design School login allowing you to access over twenty of the latest Adobe software licences anytime, anywhere. 


ID Cards

How do I arrange my ID Card?

Your ID card provides you access to campus, printers, and more. If we do not have an image before July 4th 2022 your ID may not be ready to collect on Orientation. We will still accept images/take photos after this date but it will cause delays in receiving your access. 

Please send through a suitable ID photo to:

Your Student ID card photo must be:  

  • A recent photo  
  • Full colour 
  • JPEG, JPG, or PNG file format  
  • Between 500kb and 10MB  
  • Minimum 400 pixels wide x 300 pixels high  
  • Maximum 4500 pixels wide x 6000 pixels high  
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3 (proportion between width and height)  
  • A full-front view of your face, head and shoulders. Your eyes must be open  
  • No sunglasses may be worn.
  • Tinted prescription glasses may be worn, provided your eyes are still visible.  
  • No hats, head coverings or head bands (except for religious purposes)  


Checklist for Orientation day

Here’s a checklist to help you organise for the day:

  1. Checked your device specs?
  2. Read the Student Handbook?
  3. Checked your Fees Free eligibility and followed the steps if you are ‘Maybe’?
  4. Returned all your outstanding documents?
  5. Got your mask?
  6. Left your parents at home?


Get connected

Join our student Facebook and Discord!

If you want to start connecting with our student community, why not join our student Facebook and Discord? You can use it to find out about upcoming events, job opportunities, rooms for rent, and more. 

Sign up for Facebook here! Link to our Discord will be available through Facebook.

If you have any questions, please contact