MDS AdSchool students win a fantastic haul at Ad Stars 2020

MDS AdSchool students win 7 out of 40 Awards at the AdStars in the non-professional category – more than any other single AdSchool in the World.

1600 entries came in from students around the world – including the US, UK, Brazil, Korea, China, Germany, India, Thailand, Australia and NZ.

And out of all those countries only 40 awards were handed out this year, with MDS AdSchool scoring the highest number from a single campus.

Says Kate Humphries, programme director, MDS AdSchool:

A big hurrah for our Covid class of 2020 for achieving that number of awards despite their spotty internet access and having to produce their ideas from their incredibly-messy-but-hey-we’re-not-your-parents-so-we’re-not-judging-bedrooms in lockdown.

“Congratulations to all the students in our now-back-on-campus-but-appropriately-socially-distanced -photo for the following wins: Hanna Grant & Patrick Brennan for Passive Aggressive Parents (NZ Electoral Commission) which won in the interactive category; Hana Grant (again) & Christian Rae for their 2 Metre Shoes idea for Nike which also won in the interactive category; Marcelo Dario who won two awards in the print category for Free Now (Frenz); Pat Brennan (again) & Conal Wilson for Eyecatching (ACC) which won in the Outdoor category, and lastly, Gabrielle Larsen for Makaurau Bike Share which won in the Design Category (if you squint your eyes, you can just make out Gabby on the laptop in the photo).

“A big shout to the following industry people whose valuable feedback in our industry panel our students were able to use to finesse their ideas before entry into AdStars: Steve McCabe & Kim Fraser from Claude & Co; Adam Barnes from DDB NZ; Owen Bryson & Anna Paine from DDB Sydney; Jack Delmonte & Hadleigh Sinclair from WiTH Collective; Anthony Wilson (Freelance) and Will Sidnam (who helped us out between freelance jobs during his lockdown in Paris).”


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Pictured L-R: Conal Wilson, Pat Brennan, Marcelo Dario, Gabrielle Larsen -on laptop, Hanna Grant & Christian Rae