Game Development students release board game Mafia of Cheese on Kickstarter

A group of our Game Development students have set up a Kickstarter for their newly-created board game, and they need your support!

Mafia of Cheese was created by a trio of games students: George White, Nathan Hunt and Myles Guest who are currently studying at Media Design School. Inspired by the genre of roguelike games, the team wanted to make a card game where players compete to be the first to defeat the central boss thereby becoming the Mafia of Cheese. Now in their second year of game studies at MDS, Mafia of Cheese was created during their first year in the Game Design Principles paper.

It may be strange to some that students are required to create a board game when studying art and programming for digital video games, but as Rourke Gray-Mason, Lecturer for Bachelor of Creative Technologies (Game Art) puts it, "It's all about exercising the core fundamentals of game design in what is a more traditional form of game design, free from digital crutches. I would liken it to learning traditional art techniques as a way to understand and reinforce digital art."


From the team's Kickstarter page:

Mafia of Cheese is an immersive and dynamic 1-4 player card game that seamlessly blends cooperative and competitive gameplay. Prepare yourself for an exciting battle of wits and luck as you square off against the cunning mafia pyramid of cats and rats, all while facing the unpredictable twists of fate. The ultimate objective: overthrow the head of the mafia and ascend to the pinnacle of the pyramid.

"Oh boy, let us tell you, it wasn't all play and no work! Whenever an idea sparked or a new version of the game was ready to roll, we couldn't help but burst into fits of laughter and have a blast playing our very own creation!

As students, life can get a tad hectic, but we were determined to make this dream a reality! With George's blessing and encouragement, we bravely ventured forth to bring our little block of joy to the physical gaming market! We're on a mission to share our passion and creativity with all of you amazing gamers out there!

So, buckle up and get ready to dive into the cheesy world of "Mafia Of Cheese" – we can't wait to see you enjoy every moment of it as much as we did creating it! Let's spread some gaming glee together!"


Support Mafia of Cheese and team by checking out their Kickstarter here!

Mafia of Cheese is a boardgame created by MDS Students George White, Nathan Hunt and Myles Guest in 2023