Join us on this inspiring journey and experience the transformative power of the Digital Creativity Foundation Programme! 


Friday, July 7th 2023 1:00pm - 4:00pm


Join us for an extraordinary event as we celebrate the culmination of our students' educational journey in the Digital Creativity Foundation Programme! Aptly themed as 'Catalyst', this exhibition represents the catalyst these talented individuals have become, igniting innovation and paving the way for new opportunities in their chosen design field. Be part of this special occasion as we celebrate their achievements and witness firsthand the exceptional projects they have developed during their studies.


This event will be hosted by our Digital Creativity Foundation lecturer, Juno McCoy.


Meet Juno McCoy: Juno's journey through Media Design School has been nothing short of extraordinary. From his early days in the Digital Creativity Foundation Programme to his achievements in the Bachelor of Media Design and Masters in Design, Juno's dedication and passion have propelled him forward.

As a former freelancer and now a lecturer in the Digital Creativity Foundation Programme, Juno's commitment to our students is evident. His creative prowess shines through in developing the promotional material for this exhibition, and behind the scenes, he orchestrates every element to ensure a remarkable event for our DCF students.

Juno's hard work, skills, and strong connection with tauira make him the perfect leader for this event, one you won't want to miss.



Media Design School
Level 4, Innovation Hub
10 Madden St.
Auckland Central
Auckland 1010

Media Design School's Digital Creativity Foundation programme presents Exhibition Catalyst on July 7 2023
Juno McCoy is a lecturer for the Digital Creativity Foundation course at Media Design School
Juno McCoy