Nani Parlapalli is an International alumni of Media Design School, who now works at JIX Reality Ltd

Graduate Diploma of Creative Technologies

Narayana moved to NZ from India to study at MDS. Since graduating, he has moved to Christchurch where he secured a job at JIX, a technology studio that enables the future of storytelling, learning, and marketing. Its innovative team of technologists and designers builds cutting-edge solutions that solve real-world problems.


Studying at MDS was transformative for me. Initially I was very introverted, I learned the importance of collaboration and open communication. MDS instilled in me the confidence to share and discuss ideas openly, essential for thriving in team environments. Additionally, the emphasis on problem-solving sharpened my ability to justify and defend my design choices. I realized that every element in a composition should serve a purpose, beyond mere aesthetics. MDS not only cultivated my creative skills but also equipped me with the mindset necessary for success in the industry.

With a lifelong love for art and animation, coupled with the beginner-level digital skills I've acquired as a self-taught artist, I was eager to elevate my craft. MDS's comprehensive offerings perfectly aligned with my goals, providing the ideal blend of resources and expertise. Additionally, it fulfilled another desire of mine to live alone on a distant remote island.

My favourite part of studying at MDS was its practical approach and vibrant community. With ample resources and diverse perspectives, I thrived in an environment where skill exchange and collaboration were the norm. Regular presentations and feedback sessions further enriched my learning experience.

Nani Parlapalli is an International alumni of Media Design School, who now works at JIX Reality Ltd

A typical day at our company is a blend of various elements—interesting, fun, intimidating, stressful, easy, and hard, with moments of relief at the end. Some days are smooth sailing, while others pose challenges.

One of the biggest surprises for me when starting work in the industry was the scarcity of designers compared to developers. Unlike developers who often have a network of peers to rely on, I found myself facing challenges alone. For instance, in my second job as a game designer, I lacked experience in real-time game assets, as my expertise was primarily in rendering and video animation. I felt so much pressure, relied on trial and error and late-night internet forums during my commutes to overcome these challenges and deliver the projects successfully. Fortunately, my experience as a one-man team proved invaluable in navigating these challenges independently.

I still rely today on solid reasoning, fundamental design principles, effective communication skills, and thorough preparation, all key skills I learned from my studies at MDS.

Nani Parlapalli is an International alumni of Media Design School, who now works at JIX Reality Ltd

My biggest career dream is to immerse myself in a world of boundless creativity, where art and animation flow freely. I believe that art and creativity should be unhindered by client interventions because, for an artist, it's somebody else's vision, and struggling to chase it is not art. I envision a career where I can be as free and unrestricted as a bee, all while earning a substantial income from my passion. Doing what I love and getting paid for it is the ultimate DREAM come true - I bet not just for me, but for any artist.

I didn't take any advice seriously. I simply pursued what I loved doing. If your passion drives you, it surpasses any advice. Organically you'll navigate through all stages to become a successful artist. Learn from artists, seek inspiration, imitate, stumble, fail, and learn. Eventually, you'll lay the path that leads to your own style and career.


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