Diploma of Creative Advertising

Andy Wyeth, Executive Creative Director of BBDO Germany, has leapt from success to success, being ranked in the top 10 Agencies in the World, and also earning Creative Agency Of The Year Germany 2021.

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After completing a Bachelor of Commerce, Andy Wyeth decided that, rather than focus on the business side of marketing, he wanted a try his hand at a more practical course that “focused specifically on creativity".

With his sights firmly set on working within the advertising industry, Andy relocated from Christchurch to Auckland and enrolled in a Diploma of Creative Advertising at Media Design School. Now he's working as Creative Director at BBDO Düsseldorf.

Andy Wyeth had only recently finished a Bachelor of Commerce when he enrolled at Media Design School but, almost immediately, he realised that the pace and the environment of Creative Advertising was different to any other tertiary experience he'd ever had.

“When I started, I had a lot to catch up on. I came from a marketing background and when I saw what everybody could do on PhotoShop, Illustrator and Indesign, I got a bit of a shock. But the course definitely gets you up to speed and it totally exceeded my expectations."

“I learnt more in one year at AdSchool than I did during my entire Bachelor of Commerce."

Working in Germany has given Andy the opportunity to be part of some campaigns and activations that have really pushed the boundaries.

“I did an idea to promote the start up of an agency I was working for at the time. It was called the birth of an ad agency. We faked a real birth on the street right outside the agency and made it look like the Google street view car had captured it. It went really viral and got the agency plenty of publicity and notoriety."

Despite working on a number of crazy and creative concepts throughout his career, Andy still thinks that New Zealand is home to some truly innovative advertisers and that “there is a higher percentage of "real" creativity in NZ compared to bigger markets."

“There are definitely clever people all around the world, but what helps the New Zealand market is that clients are a lot braver and the corporate structure of companies is flatter. That means you have fewer people making decisions, which is a massive bonus when your idea is on the chopping block."

Andy's advice to burgeoning advertising creative is simple: “If your heart is in it and you truly have a passion for communication not only will you love the course but you will make it past being an intern and having to survive on peanut butter toast."

Andy's top three tips for coming up with a creative concept:

1. Relax

2. Always write your ideas and insights that you have down so you don't forget.

3. Get out often and do different things. Sit in a playground or go to the ballet if you have the chance. Keep your eyes and ears open and the ideas will come.