How to access your MDS student locker

How to book a locker at Media Design School

  1. Download the XL Lock Manager app from the App Store/ Play Store Apple:


  1. Open the Lock Manager app and log in with your school account.
  2. On the Groups tab, select Media Design School
  3. Select MDS Building then select the levels of the lockers you are going to book.
  4. To see the location of the lockers, select the map icon on the top right corner for the floor plan.
  5. All available lockers are colored Green and all occupied lockers are colored red.
  6. Select the available locker then select Book Lock to confirm your booking.
  7. The app will bring you back to the Groups tab once your booking is confirmed. Select the Locks tab at the bottom then you will see your lockers.
  8. To open your locker, select the locker you booked, slide the green ball on your screen right.
  9. To close your locker, close the locker door and push it for 3 seconds.
  10. Your booking will automatically end at 9:00 pm each day. Please make sure to clear your belongings at the end of each day. If you wish to terminate your booking earlier, you can select End Booking to end your booking.


Media Design School cannot accept responsibility for the loss or damage to any personal belongings stored in the lockers. Please ensure you clear your belongings at the end of each day. We do not recommend leaving items here overnight.

iPhone User Instructions

Android User Instructions