As you prepare to start the year with us, you will need to ensure you have all of the equipment needed for your chosen programme of study.  In the list below, you will find course-specific requirements and recommendations, along with links to more information about hardware specifications. Please make sure to read your programme's section carefully to ensure you're adequately prepared to start classes.  

Hardware and software requirements have been added to this list to help our students better prepare for flexible, blended learning at our new campus. This means that before you begin your studies, you will need to have a suitable device that has the functionality to run the programmes required for your course.  

For the programmes that require art packs and art supplies, our preferred supplier is Gordon Harris, where you also get a 10% student discount. 

Please note: While we have included software specifications in these lists to give you an idea of first year costs, we recommend that you wait to purchase software licenses until you start class. In most cases, access to software on the onsite MDS computers will be free. However, online and on-campus learners will most likely need to purchase licenses for use at home. Your Programme Leaders will give you more information when you begin your studies. 

These requirements are indicative and are subject to change.  

Adobe Creative Cloud

Media Design School prides itself for being highly connected to industry.  

Whether it’s our staffing who are experienced industry practitioners, or the industry-sponsored projects we develop to give you authentic learning experiences, we are constantly working with industry to ensure you graduate ready to launch your career in design, games and digital media.  

We are pleased to announce a new initiative that gives you further advantage towards your chosen career.  

 We are providing you, whether studying online or on-campus, your own Adobe Creative Cloud Pro licence for the duration of your studies.  

 We are proud to announce that Media Design School is now an Adobe Creative Campus which comes with a variety of incredible benefits for our students. 

 This licence is free to you and connected to your Media Design School login allowing you to access over twenty of the latest Adobe software licences anytime, anywhere.  

 Not only will you have access to the latest Adobe apps, you will have access to the latest updates, tutorials and resources in one place. You will also have access to a range of fonts, stock photos, vectors, illustrations and 3D assets.   

 We are proud to partner with Adobe on this initiative and we know that access to the leading suite of creative tools will enable you to push your skills even further.

BYOD Discount at PB Tech

Media Design School students are eligible for discounts on selected products at PB Tech. Follow the link below to see the recommended hardware available. The PB Tech website will automatically show you the lowest price, meaning if BYOD discount pricing is lower, thats the price you will see. If the selected item is on sale, their system will pick the lowest price available.