Valleys Between, a graduate made game, is now available on the App Store worldwide!

Created by Christopher Mills, Blake Wood, Francis Stephens, Corey Barron, James Youngman & Niamh Fitzgerald in their second year of studying gaming at Media Design School, 'Valleys Between' has made its official debut on the iOS App Store. It is a turn-based environmental puzzle game about creating life and balance in a forgotten world.

Originally titled 'Grow', this game has been through quite the journey. Niamh Fitzgerald, Producer/Game Designer, explains. 

"Valleys Between started out as a prototype called 'Grow' that was created as part of the Rapid Prototype paper in my second year at Media Design School. The team and I worked for about six weeks part-time on 'Grow', and play-tested it at every public showcase we had access to. We decided to submit 'Grow' to a games festival in Wellington called Play by Play in 2017 and we were surprised and delighted when we heard the news that we’d been nominated for an award.

Needless to say, we were absolutely stunned when we walked away with four awards - the Student Award, Audience Choice, Excellence in Design and Outstanding Overall. This not only confirmed for us that the game had potential, we also started receiving a lot of local and international industry support. Following graduation we set up a studio called Little Lost Fox, with the support of two amazing New Zealand indie studios - Dinosaur Polo Club (makers of Mini Metro) and Dry Cactus (makers of Poly Bridge). Their support and mentorship has been invaluable in helping us get to where we are today."

Check out the game trailer below, and download it from the app store here.