Top 5 reasons to upskill with an online micro-credential

We believe you should never stop learning, which is why our micro-credentials are designed to work around busy lifestyles, letting you upskill anywhere and in your own time.

These stackable NZQA-accredited micro-credentials are aimed at working professionals who are looking to keep their skills sharp, without committing to long-term study. As with all of our programmes, we work closely with industry to ensure the course remains fresh and relevant, keeping you ahead of the game in an increasingly competitive workspace.

What is a Micro-credential?

A micro-credential is a self-directed, fully online course of study, where you will work through the course material at your own pace and complete assessments to gain credentials. While there are no classes, you will still have access to our expert academics who will support you as you go. With no entry requirements, micro-credentials can be stacked towards a full qualification on completion, if you wanted to continue your study in a particular field.


Here’s 5 reasons why you should study Micro-credentials online.


1. Start small, stay relevant

Micro-credentials are both fast and inexpensive, with a hyper-specific focus. Matching the pace of fast-changing technologies and emerging industry trends, you can adapt to the agility of these sectors, and poise yourself as a valuable specialist in your chosen field. With this method of learning, you can continue to build on these foundations and refresh your knowledge whenever you see fit, ensuring that you can stay at the front of the pack.


2. Flexible Learning

The flexibility of our micro-credentials and expert faculty will allow you to study from anywhere in New Zealand, where you can set your own pace. This learning style allows a seamless fit into your busy lifestyle, so you won’t have to make tough choices between study, work and family, while adding a little more productivity into the spare hours of your day.


3. Developed by industry, for industry

All our micro-credentials are industry endorsed, meaning the knowledge you gain will be recognisable and highly applicable. Micro-credentials are the best way to keep yourself up-to-date with the necessary skills that employers are now looking for.


4. Futureproof your CV

Your CV is the best way to advertise your expertise to potential employers. If you’re looking for that next promotion or to change career paths, micro-credentials can highlight a niche skill; recognise previously gained knowledge; complement your existing qualifications; or provide you with an additional skillset in a variety of high-demand specialties.


5. Shape your Future

We offer a wide variety of micro-credentials to choose from, without the limitations of what you’re studying right now or have studied in the past. You can specialise in a particular field, gain knowledge in another, or simply discover more about a passion or special interest. Either way, micro-credentials involve freedom! More importantly, these stackable credits let you pathway into further study, such as our Bachelor, Post-Graduate or even Master degrees!


So, what are you waiting for?

Whether you’re a student, expert, employee, entrepreneur, or something in between, Media Design School’s micro-credentials will help you upskill and reskill, while keeping you in tune with industry trends. Come and chat with our friendly Course and Career Advisors and lay the foundations to push yourself to the next level.


Expand your knowledge, stack your skills and develop your talent, at your convenience and without the full commitment. Explore our courses here.

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