Media Design School Student Work Takes Over Aotea Square

Motion graphics, design, animation, film. It’s all on display in Aotea Square. The best part? It’s been created by our very own Media Design School students.

Debuting on 20th February at the Auckland Live Digital Stage in Aotea Square is a video playlist, New Generation 2, featuring incredible work from our Bachelor of Media Design and Bachelor of Art and Design students.

Our students created short and engaging content in response to a live brief provided by Auckland Live. The work shows the way forward with a fascinating take on the real world and on the digital worlds that we inhabit. Auckland Live were especially interested in content that reflects on New Zealand culture and on the communities who visit Aotea Square. Both international and domestic students responded with narratives that celebrate New Zealand’s culture, diversity and the performing arts.


“The Auckland Live Digital Stage is the city’s newest outdoor platform for showcasing local and international live acts and entertainment in larger-than-life, big-screen colour and sound. Inspirational, entertaining, educational and informative, the Digital Stage champions the arts while providing a vibrant, all ages backdrop for anyone relaxing in or passing through Aotea Square”



Some notable work from our Bachelor of Media Design students includes video clip animation, BeSOUL, from one of our recent graduates Pon Huey Min, who was recently featured in Design Assembly and is now working as a motion designer at PixelPush. Also work by Adam Shrosbree, who is now working as a motion designer at Warner Bros. From our Bachelor of Art and Design students is an animated film, Reapercussions, which is a Finalist for the Outstanding International Student Film Award at the 14th International Student Film and Video Festival (ISFVF) in Beijing, China. 

This is a great opportunity to view the incredible work our students have created over the past few years, so check out the schedule below to see when Generation 2 will be playing and head along!   


The schedule for the next week:

Wednesday 20 February: 12.30-1.30pm 

 Thursday 21 February: 3.30-4.30pm 

 Friday 22 February: 3.00-4.00pm 

 Saturday 23 February: 12.30-1.30pm 

 Sunday 24 February: 9.00-10.00pm

Keep an eye on the Auckland Live website to see updated schedules over the next few months.


Some of the works included in the playlist:

  • THE TASTE OF MUSIC | Jiwan Park
  • Video clip animation – BeSOUL | Pon Huey Min
  • Motion Graphics TEST | Miguel Jones
  • BREAK TIME | Pon Huey Min
  • The GLITCH EFFECT | Daniel Lutterman
  • Character Animation | Dylan Mckissock
  • video editing - URB | Jamin Drupsteen
  • Something for everyone | Juvensco
  • Greek mythology | Kathy Do
  • POSTURAL BACK SUPPORT | Vania Chandrawidjaja
  • CHOMP | Erica Bisset
  • Pivot point | Olivia Lloyd
  • OUT LOOK | William Kusuma