Media Design School partners with Spark to inspire rangitahi over Matariki 

To celebrate Matariki and to encourage careers for rangitahi in the creative space, Media Design School partnered with Spark to create some amazing projects to inspire and delight. 

The assignment offered students the opportunity to collaborate with a real-life client, responding to a client brief in a way that will prepare them for what it’s like to work in industry, something that we here at Media Design School see as integral for student learning, and will provide our students the best base for their future careers. Last term our students from across years two and three also worked on live project briefs with Auckland Transport, Vista Group, Stardome Observatory and the AI forum NZ. 

Four members of Spark’s internal Kaiārahi Māori group, alongside representatives from their Brand and Social teams attended 'work in progress' sessions with our students over the course of the six-week assignment, where they provided feedback on pitch proposals in the lead-up to the final presentation and demonstration of their prototypes. 

"It was a very rewarding experience, seeing our young designers use technology to create immersive experiences that bring people together to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Matariki. Such huge support from Spark for this project, it’s clear they value the importance of passing on knowledge to the next generation and creating a brighter and connected future for all New Zealanders,” says Jim Murray, Programme Director of Bachelor of Media Design

The showcase, which took place on Wednesday 26th July, presented three student-led projects that were primarily digital and allowed participants to interact with the content on display, while also featuring a reel of student work on Spark’s stunning, immersive curved screen, to let everyone know the amazing things that our students are creating. 


The three projects shown at Spark HQ were: 

He-Haerenga-Matariki: He-haerenga-matariki is an interactive storybook installation that utilises AR technology to take users on a journey of discovery for the past, present and future of Matariki. Users interact with a physical printed book and use the ipad to activate AR sequences that relate to the narrative on each page. 

Whakatere: Users interact with a digital screen by tapping the pressure activated floor pad; each symbol relates to an inspirational leader and pathway Rangatahi could take for a future career in creative tech.                  

Matariki Hunga Nui: Users use an iPad to activate a motion sequence on screen. Participants learn how to use the celestial navigation tool Te Waka o Rangi to locate the Matariki star cluster in the dawn sky. 

“We were incredibly impressed with their professionalism, creative thinking, and the calibre of the concepts presented. The top team's concept has also been entered in the Designers Institute of New Zealand's Best Awards which recognise excellence in graphic, spatial, product, digital, and motion design. Ka rawe!” said Spark NZ.  

Media Design School partnered with Spark NZ to encourage rangitahi to pursue a career in creative tech
Media Design School partnered with Spark NZ to encourage rangitahi to pursue a career in creative tech
Media Design School partnered with Spark NZ to encourage rangitahi to pursue a career in creative tech