Media Design School lecturers run workshop at Business Pacific Trust

Don Chooi and Simon Nicholls, department of Media Design lecturers, ran a 'Design Thinking and UX Introductory Workshop' at the Pacific Business Trust on Wednesday 27 June to a group of 20 participants.

Don and Simon were first approached by Tim Swann (Pacific Business Trust's Business Strategist/Virtual CEO of Hatch) a couple of months back to bring their specialist knowledge of design thinking and user experience to those who work with the Pacific Business Trust. 

The charitable trust itself provides support for Pacific businesses and Pacific entrepreneurs in New Zealand, helping to encourage and foster success. They offer a range of grants, workshops, programmes, and mentorship, all for the sole purpose of making a difference within the realm of Pacific business.

The 'Design Thinking and UX Introductory Workshop' consisted of a lively discussion about orienting the methodology in design thinking and UX to benefit their own start-up ideas. Some of the concepts and exercises brought into this workshop served to bring a brief understanding of the role media design plays in brand engagement, target audience and crafting personas.

Both Don and Simon are happy with the feedback, and look forward to furthering Media Design School's relationship with the trust.

"We are very pleased to have the support of Media Design School, who continues to engage vigorously with the Pacific community and are committed to delivering quality specialist knowledge."

To keep up to date with the Pacific Business Trust and their projects, visit their website and follow them on Facebook.

Design Thinking and UX Introductory Workshop