Media Design School crowned as the most awarded worldwide for the innovation category at Ad Stars 2018

Of the 20,342 entries this year for Ad Stars 2018, only 10 awards were handed out for the non-professional innovation category. Our AdSchool took out 4 of them, making us the most awarded school in that category.

Ad Stars is a highly esteemed global competition committed to the sharing of creative solutions that contribute to the well-being of mankind, through advertisement and communication.

Each year our students submit their craft, and this year they struck gold. 

Kate Humphries, AdSchool Programme Director, explains.

“Our innovation winners, in only the second month of the course this year, explored ways in which big brands could create branded products or services that helped deal with important problems.”

“For such early work to stand up to the challenge of other courses on their final projects, is testimony to some very hard work on the part of our students." 

"So, some proud high-fives to all our innovation winners: George Stafford & Tyson Keane for Occulus Teleoperated Mine Detonator, in which gamers explode landmines that would take a 1,000 years to clear using existing methods; Hannah Stokes & Will Budget for Endit, a nail polish range from Body Shop that incorporates a dot lab salvia test to diagnose a crippling condition which currently takes an average of 7-10 years to diagnose; Phillip Meki & David Amann for Huawei Trains, an idea that uses Nano technology on the top of trains to collect and re-distribute energy; and lastly, Guy Tengrove & Emi Liu for Ali Baba’s 100% Counterfeit Range which used the counterfeit accusations levelled at the world’s biggest online retailer to kickstart an idea for a proudly 100% Counterfeit range of plastic - ‘proudly’ because it’s made from bamboo composite, not plastic."

As well as dominating the innovation category, we also had a win in the print category; a category " that a lot of today's students find incredibly challenging" says Humphries. 

“So, some well-deserved congratulations to our print winners, Zach Hall & Clementina de Ruiter for Poachers or Doctors; a campaign based on a nifty insight about how closely the work of Gorilla Doctors resembles that of poachers”. 

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(Pictured clockwise from back left: Clementina de Ruiter, Guy Tengrove, Tyson Keane, Phillip Meki, Will Budget, George Stafford, Hannah Stokes, Emi Liu, and David Amann).