Graduate Game ‘Reverie’ to Be Released on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita

In 2016, Bachelor of Software Engineering graduates, Jared Trail, Tom Butler and Daniel Airey came together to mastermind ‘Rainbite’, a boutique games company. The lovechild of ‘Rainbite’ is an old-school Earthbound inspired action adventure game, ‘Reverie’.

In Reverie, you play as Tai, a young boy on summer holiday, who must explore Toromi Island. With angry spirits threatening the safety of the island’s inhabitants, Tai must venture through dangerous dungeons and across a variety of environments to put the spirits to rest (inspired by the legend of Maui and the Giant Fish). Words will never do justice to the nostalgic feel of the game, so check out the trailer below.

Reverie has recently been greenlit for release on PS Vita and PlayStation 4 later this year. In addition, it is being translated into several different languages for international consumption, meaning that people from all of the world will have the chance to enjoy the expertise and creativity of this soon-to-be-classic.

We are proud to have been a part of this journey and urge you all to check out their website and social channels, as we predict they will become even more of a contender in the gaming world than they already are