Former student involved in augmented reality project: 'The Zingoshi Chronicles'

Created by two Auckland mothers, 'The Zingoshi Chronicles' is an interactive fantasy world for pre-teen girls to learn and play in. It is crafted with augmented reality, which is where Kerry Simpson, the 3D Environment Artist (and former student) comes into play.

After completing our Bachelor of Art & Design, and then hitting out of the park with the Graduate Diploma of Creative Technologies, Kerry Simpson has gone on to do some astonishing work.

Introducing 'The Zingoshi Chronicles', a New Zealand made transmedia project that spreads its magic across books, video, games, and eventually a TV show. Based on STEAM subjects (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics), Zingoshi aims to teach young girls about self-belief, compassion and leadership.

Working as the 3D Environment Artist, Kerry has helped to craft an enchanting world in which young girls can explore and learn. There is a strong element of augmented reality intertwined with this project, and Kerry has extended his craft to many areas of it.

What makes this project distinctive among its transmedia peers, is that the story cannot be experienced in its entirety without the user accessing all mediums. For instance, there are times that you need to physically move away from your devices, and do something in the real world, in order to continue gameplay.

Also involved in the project is Matt Forsyth, a once-upon-a-time student of our 3D & animation diploma, before it was turned into a bachelor's degree. Although it has been quite some time since he graduated, he is still well-known among the lecturers at the school, continually being praised for his brilliant artistry. 

Listen to Kathryn Ryan's interview with the creators of 'The Zingoshi Chronicles' on Radio New Zealand, and make sure to check out their website for further information.