Creative Advertising Students Win Big at 2018 Axis Awards

Yet again, superstars from the Creative Advertising course at Media Design School have made ripples in the industry, winning the Google Student Axis at the 2018 Axis Awards.

Last year, Google NZ briefed students from Otago University, Auckland University of Technology and Media Design School to use a series of Google six second bumper ads to advertise a brand at a NZ agency.

MDS students Jay Kim and Malik Ben took this brief and made with it gold. Creating for OPSM, they developed ‘Eye Yoga’ which uses bumper ads on YouTube to get people to exercise their eyes every 20 minutes. “Eye strain from hours of screen time can result in eye irritation, dryness, fatigue or blurred vision,” and therefore, at a time when screen time is at its highest, this concept had great resonance.

As well as this momentous win, we would also like to congratulate the other Student Axis finalists on the night, all of which were MDS students; Holly Sutton Williams and Simon Stuart for ‘Kathmandu-do’ (Kathmandu) and ‘Art Directed by Professionals’ (Resene), and Kelley Isles and Ipshita Ipshita for ‘Trust Us’ (Kleenex).

To date, this now means that MDS Creative Advertising students hold a Grand Axis, a Grand Pix, 6 Golds, 7 Silvers, and a plethora of Bronzes and finalist nominations.

A huge thank you to Halper, Natasha Galloway and the judges for their instrumental contributions, and to Kate Humphries, our Creative Advertising Programme Leader, thank you for guiding our students with your infinite wisdom and tenacity.