Behind the Project: Volcanic Eruptions and Group Destruction!

Ever wanted to blow stuff up on your computer without actually blowing your computer up? Bachelor of Art and Design's Brian Samuels latest Group Destruction formative saw our third year 3D Animation and VFX students wreak havoc on a small village.

In the Group Destruction formative, the third year students work in small teams to create a destruction scenario for a given environment. Previously, students have worked with environments such as fictional planets, but this semester's challenge was to calculate and produce a volcanic eruption using Autodesk Maya 2017 and Houdini 16 for the dynamics.

The teams are given the landscape terrain with an animated camera. They must choreograph the destruction to the camera and they can add effects, such as camera shakes, to make it more realistic.

Students are only given one week to create their eruption, so the output movie is what is called a high-quality previsualisation.  It would take our students another month at least to finish the shot for final output.

his semester's best eruption was created by duo Yuya Hatori and Lenny Boucly.