AdSchool's Industry Evening

If that oft-quoted-cigar-chomping-Churchill’s definition of success as ‘stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm’ is correct, then this year’s crop of blossoming creatives are ready to be picked.

For not only have they picked themselves up and dusted themselves off many a time throughout the year, they’re also enthusiastically owning the failed careers that led them to AdSchool’s doors (and hopefully to agencies doors) in this year’s invite to the end of year show.

The irony being that every team in the class had won an award before the year was halfway through, making them one of our most decorated Ad-School cohorts in MDS history. 

Industry have been invited to see what happens when a sausage-fingered-coder and a way-too-soft-hardcore-metal-bass-player get together to have ideas, (or maybe even an actor-that-can-only-play himself and a failed-penis-tattooist), at MDS AdSchool's end of Year Show next Tuesday Nov 19th.

No doubt lots of these "failures" will be snapped up on the night & we can't wait to see where their creativity takes them next.

Hire a Failure
'Hire a Failure'

Invites to Industry for AdSchool's End of Year Show

hire a failure 2