AdSchool students place as runners-up for Student ORCA competition

The winners of The Radio Bureau's inaugural Student ORCA competition have been announced, and Zach Hall & Ryan Read from Media Design School's AdSchool (Creative Advertising) have placed as runners-up.

Headlined by TRB (The Radio Bureau), the open brief for the competition required students to choose a brand and product or service that they would like to create a radio advertisement for. 

Zach Hall & Ryan Read decided to create for AMI Insurance, putting together a 60-second commercial titled 'Sample Dying'. As explained The Radio Bureau's website, "The aim of this advertisement was to get young people thinking about life insurance by making it more relatable. They did this by focusing the creative on a situation where you’re “dying on the inside”. In this commercial, a young woman ends up accidentally sending a text venting about someone, to the person she’s actually venting about."

TRB General Manager, Peter Richardson, was very impressed with how all participants brought a creative twang to world of radio.

“The students really thought about the medium and how to use it creatively for the brand they had chosen.”

To listen to Zach & Ryan's commercial, along with all the others, click here.