AdSchool Graduates win big at the D&AD New Blood Awards 2018

Media Design School AdSchool graduates of 2017, Adam Redmond and Emerson Hunt, recently won a Pencil at the D&AD New Blood Awards 2018 for their eco-conscious campaign; GrassWhopper.

Both Emerson and Adam scored themselves internships at FCB (one of New Zealand's best advertising agencies) right out of AdSchool, and now, less than a year later, they've both earned themselves full-time positions. It was no surprise then when news came that they had won a Pencil at the D&AD New Blood Awards 2018 for a Burger King campaign created as part of their end-of-year portfolio at AdSchool.

Kate Humphries, Programme Director of AdSchool, weighs in.

“With eating insects set to be the future of protein, Adam & Emerson’s idea was all about proving once and for all that everything’s better with fire – by flame-grilling a large insect, something you’d never expect to taste good."

"We always urge the students to tackle a D&AD New Blood briefs, despite the fact that the competition hits our students at completely the wrong time of year, when the students are throwing themselves 100% into their internships."

"So, for Adam and Emerson to stay on top of their internship, while still keeping a keen eye on the international stage, displays exactly the combination of determination, gumption and sheer enthusiasm for ideas they showed throughout their year with us."

“Personally, I couldn’t be more pleased for them.”

As Kate says, insects are predicted to be the food of our future, especially if our environment continues to be depleted at the rate at which it currently is. That is why a campaign such as this one, although having commercial roots, is particularly interesting as it serves as a much needed wake-up call.

Read more and watch the campaign video here.