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1) The Basics
2) How can we keep in touch?
3) Main activity prior to study at MDS?
4) Portfolio & Documents
info This is not required if you are applying for Bachelor of Software Engineering or Graduate Diploma of Creative Advertising. Please add ‘not applicable' to this field.
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You must email Certified copies of your Birth Certificate or Passport, Academic Certificates and Transcripts and Letter of Intent to Media Design School.

5) Final Details
Media Design School seeks to create an inclusive environment for all our students. We recognise that some students may need additional support throughout their academic journey. For this reason, we ask that you disclose any impairment to learning during the application process.

Note: If you do not disclose information about a mental health condition, specific learning disability, health condition or other impairment prior to accepting a place at Media Design School and it later becomes a barrier to your learning, Media Design School reserves the right to ask you to manage your issue away from study and seek professional support.

info Health & Travel Insurance for International students: By law you cannot stay in NZ without proof that you have sufficient medical and travel insurance to cover you while studying in NZ.
Emergency Contact Details
  1. I declare that the above details are true and correct.
  2. I acknowledge that if I withdraw after the first eight days of the course, I am liable for the full payment of the tuition fees and the compulsory course costs as per my invoice.
  3. I acknowledge that if I am accepted into the course I am not registered nor hold a place until my Course fees are paid in full.
  4. I authorise any agency holding information that I have detailed in this form to release that information to the school.
  5. I authorise the release of information detailed in this form to both the New Zealand Qualifications Authority and the Ministry of Education as required by the Education Act.
  6. I acknowledge that in being accepted to attend Media Design School I must abide by the school code and rules.
  7. I acknowledge that in being accepted onto the course I will meet my financial obligations with the Media Design School.
info If student is under 18 years old parent/guardian signature is required.

If you are under 18 years of age, your parent or guardian must sign.