Steve Dorner

Steve Dorner

Associate Dean

Steve Dorner joined Media Design School after fifteen successful years in the television industry. His career in broadcast and post production have covered a wide variety of roles including Senior Designer, Senior Animator and Art Director leading teams and managing motion design and VFX projects both in New Zealand and overseas.

Steve started his career in education with a short term contract while freelancing in Auckland in 2002. “I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with students and participating in their learning”. Steve was soon offered a full time role as Lecturer and Course Leader and found he could explore his passion for design and VFX while engaging with students eager to learn and experiment in these fields.

Steve has grown in his role from Lecturer to Programme Director and now leads a team of talented and experienced VFX artist and educators. Since joining the Media Design School he has been honoured with an award for Excellence in Leadership, acted as Executive Producer on numerous award winning short films and proudly presided over graduation ceremonies as Master of Ceremonies.