Jack Short

Master of Design

Jack Short became a Graphic Designer at the NZ fashion design company 'Deadly Ponies' after deciding to grow his skill-set with the Master of Design programme at Media Design School.


What made you decide to study at Media Design School?

In all honesty, I wasn’t sure about continuing my studies after my Bachelor’s degree. I wanted to start my own design studio but struggled to get things off the ground. I thought the best thing for me to do would be to upskill and further my knowledge of design whilst freelancing on the side. When looking for places to do this, Media Design School stood out as the place to go to, due to their focus on design and attitude towards innovation and future thinking.


How do you feel studying at Media Design School prepared you for industry?

Studying at Media Design School gave me the confidence to do things when I didn’t necessarily have the solution to everything. No matter what role you go into, there are always going to be unfamiliar problems and opportunities that you will need to navigate. A lot of what I did, while completing my Masters in Design, was tackling new and complex ideas, so I got comfortable working through the unknown.


What was your favourite part about studying at Media Design School?

My favourite part would have been the discussions we had as a group around whatever project was put in front of us. Having people with different backgrounds, skillsets and ways of thinking in the same room, taking on an idea, was a pretty exciting place to be This, along with the encouragement to think freely and explore ideas outside of traditional methods, was also a real highlight for me.


What are the key takeaways from your study that you still use now?

Generally speaking, a huge takeaway is just how I approach a project. In the course, we were encouraged to entertain all types of ideas and solutions, as this was usually the best way to find something exciting and potentially innovative. More specifically, my appreciation for understanding the user. Everything I do, at the end of the day, is for someone. So understanding how and why that person operates and feels is paramount to the purpose of whatever is being created.



What would be your advice for someone looking to get into your field?

My advice for someone going into the design field would be two things:


1. Constantly look for new perspectives. The best ideas come from merging things that haven’t been brought together before.

2. Ask questions about everything. A lot of the world we live in was designed a long time ago and doesn’t necessarily meet the needs of where we are (should be) headed. So don’t shy away from questioning something just because it has served as a solution for a long time.

Jack Short
Jack chose to upskill at Media Design School, while continuing to freelance

"A lot of what I did, while completing my Masters in Design, was tackling new and complex ideas, so I got comfortable working through the unknown."