MDS AdSchool Over and Out for 2020

Last week MDS AdSchool successfully held its End of Year Show at Wander. MDS AdSchool wishes to thank everyone who headed along to the End of Year show and give a high five to all the agencies that have called in the books since the show.

Says Kate Humphries, programme director, AdSchool: “After spending months in lockdown visiting the students in their bedrooms day after day, I’ve grown inordinately fond of this year’s bunch, so I’m really pleased to see them getting the attention they deserve.

“Big ups to the industry mentors that volunteered to nurture the teams through their last few intense months. With most of the industry in lockdown beyond our shores, we were able to use their time wisely by giving all our student teams both a local and an overseas mentor this year. So, they were able to get both an inside-out and an outside-in perspective on their ideas.

“And as usual we owe the final industry panel of the year our eternal gratitude for their frank but pivotal feedback, which gave the final polish to all the books. So take a bow please Freddie Coltart & Matt Williams from DDB; Anne Boothroyd from Young & Shand; Paul Catmur & Bex Radford from BCFDentsu; Cece Chung & Jess Reihana from Saatchi & Saatchi; David Sylvester from TBWA and Ellie Jones (freshly back from Australia and fully deloused in quarantine).

“Whilst the school has shut up shop for the year, I’m still here working with several of the copywriters on a big international job, so If you need to see any of the portfolios flick me an email before December 15th.

“Apart from that we will hopefully see you all at our brand new campus in 2021 (if I manage to twist you arm to come in for an industry talk, workshop or panel).”