Graduate develops safety app to combat road rage

New Zealand Samoan graduate, Ace Lio, seeks funding to develop his road safety app, WHISTLEBOX.

For his final end of year capstone project within the Bachelor of Media Design (Interactive Design) degree, Ace Lio developed an app to help motorists stay calm while driving. Titled 'WHISTLEBOX', this intuitive app assists those whom are susceptible to road rage and bad driving behaviours, by guiding them to calmness (and safety).

Most recently, Newshub picked up the project, giving it the exposure it deserves. It's no secret that our road death statistics are alarmingly high, with 117 killed this year already. That is why the need for such an app is dire. No matter the medium, we should all be doing what we can, and luckily we have talented creatives like Ace to lead the way.

As shown in Newshub's video, when Ace's blood pressure goes up, or the heart races, a Fitbit on his wrist sends a message to the app on his phone. This then triggers calming features, such as soothing music or a familiar pre-loaded voice which talks to him and helps minimise road rage.

The app is currently in patent stage, and is need of funding to help it across the finish line. Give to this project here.