Creative Advertising Class 2.0

Lockdown has its challenges. Whether it’s sketchy internet, screaming kids in the middle of a zoom call, or inability to catch-up with peers, we’re definitely missing life on campus!

Our Creative Advertising class missed campus so much they built it online! Based on the layout of their physical space, students move around as if they would in real life When a team is sitting together at computers working, you leave them alone to work, or if your classmates go to the sofas you can go and chew the fat (or play the cards that have been left on the table). The vending machine is even in the same space, but what you get from it is overly sweet uplifting music videos.

Creative Advertising student Jonathan Entwistle says the online campus has brought back a little personality to learning. 

“During the day, if you want to go chat to someone else in class, you virtually must walk over to them. There’s a lot more dancing than I remember, but that might be one improvement.

 “Last Friday at 11pm, half the class found we were still hanging out in the fake bar outside the classroom, laughing and joking as if it was a regular Friday night.” Jonathan Entwistle, Creative Advertising student

Class socialising together on AdSchool student-made replication on Gather
AdSchool replicated on Gather

Student-created by Jono Entwistle and Jack Pfiszter AKA Team 'Fistwistle'