AdSchool Students Win Google Student Axis

Media Design School’s Luke Ryan and Ash Reid took out the Google Student Axis this year for their work 'Look what you can skip'.

The pair who sprinted up to accept their award in front of industry last week, make it the 4th year in a row that MDS grads had taken out the award.

Says Kate Humphries, programme lead for creative advertising at MDS: “We owe a huge thanks to Rueben Halper, head of video and display at Google, for once again challenging students in one of the toughest environments for creatives, because if you’re going to get in the way of a person on YouTube, who’s intent on watching video after video on their phone-you’d better do it well.”

Ryan and Reid’s idea for Lotto, which went through three rounds of judging, invited people to see what they could skip if they won Lotto. If you didn’t skip you’d endure an endless wait in the rain for your bus; the monotony of waiting for your clothes to finish a cycle at the laundromat; an endless plane journey across the world squashed into cattle class; or the mind-numbing tedium of scrubbing the grout in your bathroom. So, naturally you’d skip, which meant you were then served a quick 15” ad of the same person in the same pose enjoying a completely different life.

Says Humphries: “A hearty round of applause to out other finalist on the night Max Barrow and Jaymi Redpath and the two finalist teams from AUT. While we’re here, we’d also like to send a big shout out to all MDS alumni who had their names on a giant 80% of the Silver, Golds and Grand Prix awards handed out throughout the night. Well done to one and all.”

Google Axis