Zac Watson is a lecturer at Media Design School

Zac Watson

Lecturer - Bachelor of Software Engineering (Game Programming)

Zac at his core is a tinkerer. With more than 10 years of experience in programming rattling around in his head, the projects folder on his desktop holds a wide range of experiments at varying stages of development. Zac graduated from Media Design School in 2017, with a Bachelor's of Software Engineering, and joined the teaching team soon after.

As part of his role at MDS, Zac teaches on a wide range of papers and topics, from Game Design to Tech Leverage and everything in between. As part of his academic role, Zac is also currently undertaking research regarding successful approaches to game and systems design. He has also published a pair of papers relating to games education, and procedural narrative frameworks for games.

Zac is a believer in learning through play, and is always looking to new releases and perspectives to understand the ever-broadening ways to make interesting games.