Rourke Gray-Mason is a lecturer at Media Design School

Rourke Gray-Mason

Lecturer - Bachelor of Creative Technologies

Hailing from Hawkes Bay, Rourke is an award-winning researcher, teacher and developer, currently teaching game design, academic studies and game art at Media Design School.

Rourke received a Best Paper Award from Core Computing at a 2021 conference in the field of Psychology in Games, as well as a finalist award at Kiwi Game Starter in 2023.

Rourke also has a passion for generative art applications in games and is writing his Philosophy thesis on artificial intelligence driven art pipelines. Rourke is also the eSports coordinator on campus and is responsible for organising events, teams and competitions for competitive play; he loves social games and has played League of Legends for over a decade.

Aside from all this, Rourke is a big advocate for independent game development and is currently a co-director of two small outfits, working on two mixed-platform games: Pinball Hero & Mythos Party.